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Season 2, Ep. 29

This is a vignette of Ida May Moon, a West Texas Rancher that allowed me into her world, there on her two thousand acre homesteaded ranch. She was the embodiment of Texas hospitality! I am thankful for the opportunity to have been able to roam the prairies, creeks, and ridges of The Moon Ranch during the formative years of my life. It really was a once in a lifetime thing.

As I mentioned in the podcast, here are some map-codes to give you a look at The Moon Ranch for yourself. The barns are delaptidated or collapsed completely now, but the structures are still visible form the air. Below is a hand drawn map made by my father. It is decades before the internet or an cost effective means of having an aerial map. You can see he did a pretty good job of his assessment as to the relationships between the geographical structures. I found the map in a brown envelope in his old hand made chain saw box. That pleasant find was just a few months prior to the posting of this podcast!

Google Map Codes for The Moon Ranch - copy and past in the Google Maps search bar.

The Moon Family Cemetery Q653+XX Breckenridge, Texas

The Moon Ranch Rock Ranch House Q654+3H Breckenridge, Texas  

Primary Barns for farm implements Q644+RQ Breckenridge, Texas  

Our Campsite Location Q624+JM Breckenridge, Texas

Vintage Hand Drawn Map of The Moon Ranch

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