- God, the World, and Other Things!


A True Story of Miraculous Rescue

Season 1, Ep. 20

This true story will encourage you that the God who is here is on your side and will hear your cry when you call.

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Fond Memories of Fall!

Season 3, Ep. 48
The fall season of holidays is upon us! Don't let the craziness of these present days steal the joy that comes from gathering with family and friends to share the fun of life and living!Some podcast players will allow the hyperlink access embedded in the word "HERE". For those who don't import that function you can copy and past the full internet address listed below the reference.Click HERE for Seinfeld Book "Halloween", written by Jerry Seinfeld, illustrated by James Bennett HERE for the 1965 Sears Christmas Book, page 559 HERE to see The Pryde House HERE for BibleProject on YouTube HERE for BibleProject full slate of resources, including localized their localized channels in at least 18 languages, with over 2.8 million subscribers worldwide - of Salvation (a YouTube animated short). FilmThis full-length feature tells the story of Jesus and God's plan to redeem mankind to himself. The film is based on the Gospel of Luke, and has been translated into more than 1,600 languages and shown in virtually every country.You can watch it for freehere: down load the movie for free. Also available in 1827 other languages! home pagehttp://podcast.gwot.rocksTransform This CityFacebookYou can help support this podcast by clickinghereto access our secure PayPal link found on our website.Email us at you for listening! Please tell your friends about us! Listen, share, rate!