- God, the World, and Other Things!


Under the Pines

Season 2, Ep. 23

As wickedness increases, the call back to God becomes a shout. What has been ordained and planned through God’s providential care over his planet will come to pass. HE is the one in control of this narrative. He is at the helm of this mayhem. The wickedness of man deceitfully leads him to think that he is in control, that he is the pilot of spaceship earth. Yet, the God of all creation mocks arrogant, evil man and scoffs at him.

Foundational, immutable actions:

1.Guard Your Personal spiritual integrity and health. 

2.Walk by the Spirit.

3.Be properly clothed for action.

4.Carry Out The Great Commission.  

5.Do real religion.

6.Be strong and take action.

7.Be a bold witness for Jesus Christ

Don't assume people you know are doing well during this hard time. Give them a call to check on them!

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